# Collecting contacts

Each email sent through EmailJS can automatically create a new contact (if the contact does not already exist). To enable this feature please follow the next steps:

  1. Open your template - Contacts tab.
  2. Check Save Contacts checkbox.
  3. Fill out the values for the fields (Contact Email field is required, the rest are optional). Usually, the values for the contact will be passed through the template params. So, for example, if you're passing customer_name variable which you want to use as the name of the contact, put {{ customer_name }} inside the name field.
  4. Save your template.

After which every time the template is used for an email, EmailJS will automatically check if a contact for the email already exists, and if not – a new contact will be created according to the contact parameters.

# Viewing and exporting contacts

All the created contacts are available under the Contacts (opens new window) section. All the contacts are displayed by default, but it’s possible to filter the displayed contacts by the template that created them. Exporting a CSV file of all contacts is possible via the Export to CSV button.