# Auto-Reply

It’s possible to turn on automatic reply for each email sent with EmailJS. The auto-reply emails are configured per template.

To add the auto-reply email, please follow the next steps:

  1. Open the template you want to add the auto-reply to.
  2. Navigate to the Auto-Reply tab and link any template from your templates collection.
  3. Save template

That’s it! Each time you send an email using this template, we will automatically send another email with the template in the Auto-Reply section.

Auto-Reply will consume an additional request quota.

# Linked Template

"Linked Template" is a new implementation of auto-replies that replaces the previous feature and allows you to link two templates. The linked template will also be processed and sent every time the main template is called.

Main advantages

  1. One template instead of configuring the auto-reply into each template.
  2. A "real" template where attachments and other settings can be set up.
  3. Shared dynamic attachments for both templates will be counted as one attachment.
  4. An independent record in the Email History for the linked template.

Some limitations

  1. No chain. If the linked template also has the "Linked Template" setting, this link will be ignored.
  2. Cannot link to itself.
  3. reCaptcha verification will not be performed for the linked template if this setting is set.