Send email directly from Javascript

No server code needed. Focus on things that matter!

How does it work?

1. Connect your email service

Choose from a wide variety of email services. We support both
transactional email services (Mailgun, Mailjet, Mandrill, SendGrid, Amazon SES and Postmark) and personal email services (AOL, Gmail, FastMail, iCloud,, Outlook, Yahoo, Yandex and Zoho).

2. Create email templates

Choose from a list of our template designs, or easily build your own.
Templates are parametrized, so that you can further customize them via Javascript.

3. Send email with our Javascript API

Add our Javscript SDK, and start sending emails!

Here's what a typical call looks like:
var service_id = 'my_mandrill';
var template_id = 'feedback';
var template_params = {
	name: 'John',
	reply_email: '',
	message: 'This is awesome!'


EmailJS features

Reliable Delivery

Use your favorite email service provider to deliver your emails.

Quick Setup

Just provide us your email provider API keys (they are never shared!).

Templates Editor

Use our templates editor to effectively manage the email contents and design.

Beautiful Designs

Start with a selection of beautifully designed email templates.


Your API keys are not exposed, and only predefined templates can be sent. Optional CAPTCHA built in.

No Server Needed

We provide an out of the box service that allows you to send emails with no server side code.