# Adding CAPTCHA verification

CAPTCHA images are used to make sure that a human is submitting the form, and it’s a good way to prevent spam emails and automated form submissions. EmailJS supports integration with the free reCaptcha (opens new window) service by Google, by requiring a CAPTCHA test to be solved in order for an email to be sent.

Only the second version of reCaptcha is supported

To add CAPTCHA support:

  1. Create reCaptcha (opens new window) account or login to the existing account.
  2. Register a new site and add your site domain to the list of domains. If you want to test the template in JSFiddle, please also add jsfiddle.net to the list.
  3. Follow the "client-side integration" instructions as specified in the reCaptcha dashboard. If you are using the send method, please pass the reCaptcha token in the g-recaptcha-response property.
  4. Open your template in the EmailJS template editor, go to Settings tab, and check Enable reCAPTCHA V2 verification checkbox.
  5. Specify the secret key obtained from reCaptcha dashboard.

After the above steps have been completed it won’t be possible to send out an email based on this template without solving a CAPTCHA test first. No additional changes are required – we will automatically send the solved CAPTCHA result along with the send email request.

Try it!