Sends an email based on the specified email template and the passed dynamic parameters. The email is sent via the specified email service or via the default service if "default_service" is passed.

Resource URL

POST https://api.emailjs.com/api/v1.0/email/send

Request Information

Content type is 'application/json'

Rate Limit

1 request per second


service_id Yes Service ID of the service through which the email should be sent. Reserved keyword 'default_service' is supported, and should be used to use the default service, which can be set and changed via EmailJS dashboard.
template_id Yes Template ID of the email
user_id Yes User ID of the account
template_params No Template parameters of the template

Response Information

Response formats is JSON or Text

Example Response

Success status:

200 "OK"

Failure status:

400 "The user_id parameter is required"

Code Example

For this example we will use jQuery library. It has ajax and supports very old browsers.

// code fragment
var data = {
    service_id: 'YOUR_SERVICE_ID',
    template_id: 'YOUR_TEMPLATE_ID',
    user_id: 'YOUR_USER_ID',
    template_params: {
        'username': 'James',
        'g-recaptcha-response': '03AHJ_ASjnLA214KSNKFJAK12sfKASfehbmfd...'
$.ajax('https://api.emailjs.com/api/v1.0/email/send', {
    type: 'POST',
    data: JSON.stringify(data),
    contentType: 'application/json'
}).done(function() {
    alert('Your mail is sent!');
}).fail(function(error) {
    alert('Oops... ' + JSON.stringify(error));
// code fragment