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  • /send-form

    Sends an email based on the specified email template and the passed form data. The email is sent via the specified email service or via the default service if “default_service” is passed.

    Resource URL

    Request Information

    Content type is ‘multipart/form-data’

    Rate Limit

    1 request per second


    Name Required Description
    service_id Yes Service ID of the service through which the email should be sent. Reserved keyword ‘default_service’ is supported, and should be used to use the default service, which can be set and changed via EmailJS dashboard.
    template_id Yes Template ID of the email
    user_id Yes User ID of the account

    Response Information

    Response formats is JSON or text

    Example Response

    Success status:

    Failure status:

    Code Example

    For this example we will use jQuery library. It has ajax and supports very old browsers.