# Add an email service

In this step, we will learn how to add an email service. An email service provides integration between EmailJS and your email server. First open the Email Services (opens new window) tab where you will see two sections: Transactional email services and Personal email services.

Personal email services allow connecting personal email providers that offer basic email functionality – an email address and an inbox. These include providers like Gmail, Fastmail, Outlook 365, etc'. Personal email services are useful in EmailJS when you need to send a small number of emails to yourself, or need to send emails to other people from your personal email account. Note, your personal email account could be blocked if you go over the daily limit of the email provider, and your email address could be flagged as spam if you send unsolicited emails to multiple recipients. Our general recommendation is to use personal email services only for development purposes or for very low volume usage.

Transactional email services allow connecting dedicated transactional email providers that were designed to send out a large number of emails to a large number of recipients. These providers are usually more robust, can handle higher volumes, and provide a better email reputation (which means fewer chances your emails will end up in the spam folder). We strongly recommend you use one of these providers for your production environment.

Since we are building a simple contact form, where the email should go to the personal email inbox, we choose to use the Gmail service. The name we are giving is Contact Service, and the service ID is contact_service. We then need to connect our account with Gmail by hitting the "Connect account" button and then pressing the Add Service button to complete the process. Now we have the Contact Service email service that is marked as "Default".