# Creating email templates

Email templates are required for each type of email that needs to be sent with EmailJS. For example, you may want to create one email template for the contact form, and another one to notify the user that the contact form was received and will be processed shortly.

Each template contains fields like email subject, email body, destination email address, reply_to address and so on. It's possible to add dynamic content to the templates, by adding variables and populating them from Javascript. To read more about dynamic variables please take a look here.

To create an email template:

  1. Open the Email Templates page in EmailJS dashboard
  2. Click the "Create new template" button and choose the design to start from
  3. Fill out the template properties
  4. Test the template either via the Test dialog, or by opening the auto-generated JSFiddle, which allows you to see the code example, and to easily fill out the template parameters and send the email.